Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WFMW: Felt Food :)

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Maleiah needed food for her kitchen, I looked online and found a few sites where people were selling felt food. For the breakfast meal they wanted $20.00. I couldn't see spending $60.00+++for a days worth of play food so I asked my friend Amanda (my pretend sister) if she thought we could make some, I would come up with the ideas and do the cutting and she would help with the sewing. We made a good team and here is the "fruit", mainly vegetables of our labor.


Breakfast (Eggs-Sunny Side Up, Bacon, Pancakes and an Orange)

Lunch (Cheese Sandwich)


For the more health conscious: Pizza with Salad

Dinner (Spaghetti)

Dinner (Spinach Ravioli's, Fish and Carrots)

Total Cost of Food: $14.00

I love this stuff! And we still have a few more things we can make...cookies, burgers, french fries...Maleiah likes flipping the pancakes the best. :)


Amber said...

Mandy those are adorable!!!!! What a great idea and so cute! I might have to do something similar for my nieces!!

I did something similar for an owl ornament made of felt, but I haven't taken pictures of it yet.

Sarahlcc said...

Felt food is a great idea! I saw a tute somewhere for making it, can't remember where though! I do have a new system for helping me remember: I'm going to post all the links I want to remember on one day! :-) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Heather said...

Great idea! I totally want to make a set of these!