About Me

  1. I was named after a house in the book Rebecca that was written by Daphne DeMaurier.  Some people hate the book; some people love it.  My mom was on the latter end after reading it when she was sixteen.  She thought it rocked and never let me forget it.
  2. The one thing I wanted more than anything as a child was to be a mom.  I am.  It's the hardest but the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.  No regrets.
  3. My favorite color is blue which reminds me of the ocean which then reminds me of God and his infinite love for me.  The waves never stop, either does He.  
  4. We homeschool.  I always wanted to, I believe in it and so I do.  Right now it works for us perfectly.
  5. I am crafty!  I sew {a little}; I knit {a lot}; I use glue and construction paper {daily} and I think modeling clay is pretty cool {so does my 8 year old}.
  6. I have two children {Caeden & Maleiah} here on earth and one {Ella} waiting in heaven.  
  7. I am madly in love with Justin, more today than our wedding day in 1997.  He thinks I am nutty and that's okay with me.
  8. I love books!  Reading them, buying them, requesting them from the library, flipping through them...It's an addiction I would rather not get help for. :)