Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works For ME Wednesday

Let's see....what works for me?

Freezer Cooking! Surprisingly, I really like it even with the extra work. It has been a lifesaver on the busy days and I discovered yesterday with a sick baby in the house and an empty freezer that it would have been nice to have a meal ready to go instead of heading out to the burger joint to pick up something not as good for the family.

Here are a few of my favorite places to go to check out the world of cooking for my freezer....

This past month we had Meatloaf, Chicken Pot Pies, and Spanish Chicken & Rice Wraps. Right now I am in the testing phase of a lot of recipes. I have always thought this seemed overwhelming and to be honest the thought of cooking for an entire day doesn't sound like a party BUT the idea of having meals already prepared and ready to go is exciting. SO.......filling my freezer and saving money, WORKS FOR ME!

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texastanya said...

oooh, I love the idea of freezer meals. I've done them in the past, but I get burned out on the few recipes that my picky family will eat. I'll have to start researching some other options.
Thanks for the tip!