Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well my freezer cooking is taking longer than I had planned and I am just about sick of cooking...LOL

I have about 3 more meals to make and I will be done. My freezer is full and I am very pleased with that. This morning I made Chicken Nuggets for lunches. We made our apple pie and it was wonderful!

I am looking up tons of information on homeschooling and I am already starting to implement some of the things I have gathered with Caeden during homework time and he has enjoyed it so far. I am just trying to add to what he is already doing in Kindergarten and seeing how we work together. We have some Thanksgiving projects we will be doing. I am purging through things in the house and trying to come up with a workable routine for our days and that has meant pulling out of some activities during the week for awhile. I am working on our Household Notebook and I am hoping to share some pictures soon. Just wanted to post a little even though I don't have much to share right now. :)

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