Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Maleiah was an infant she was always looking out the windows and watching the trees blow in the wind. I called her my little nature girl since she was so interested in the trees. Now when we go for walks she points at every tree and stares up at them as we walk under them and today a thought came to me....What is she thinking? Then I looked at my little girl, who is an adventurer and never does things the way we think she should and this is what I thought might be going through her mind...

"I can't wait to climb a tree!"
"I can't wait to jump out of a tree!"
"I am going to make my mommy crazy! WaHaHaHa!"

She will probably play with dolls and such, they will be the unwilling party that gets thrown down from the tree first. She will probably wear pink that will turn a muddy brown after a day tromping after her brother in the backyard. She will probably wear pony tails that are held together with food, dirt and a tiny rubberband.

Maleiah Joye. Her name means "free". Well that is for sure, already at 16 months she is a free bird, a brave one and laughing all the while. I am in love with her and I just wish she would slow down enough to let me snuggle her and kiss her but she is an explorer and doesn't have time for that nonsense. I will keep chasing her down for those kisses despite her speed...and I will be watching those trees too.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love viewing the world from a child's perspective. Everyone once in a while, I give the boy my camera and I get to see the world from his point of view. Good thing for digital. LOL