Monday, August 18, 2008

Homeschool~First Grade

  • Saxon Math Grade 1

This curriculum has lots of manipulatives to help learn the math concepts and a great teacher's edition that helps me know how to teach Caeden at home.

Language Arts
  • Steck Vaughn-Linking Words to Meaning (Spelling)Level 1
  • Steck Vaughn Language Arts Handbook-Grade 1
  • Signatures Phonics Workbook
  • Draw, Write, Now (Handwriting)

These are the workbooks we are using for language arts along with other hands on activities. As for reading we are doing tons of it and Caeden is reading really well. As a family we are reading The Chronicles of Narnia and we are all enjoying it a lot! During the day we are reading lots of other books that support the theme for the week.

Social Studies
  • Basic Not Boring Social Studies
  • Unit Studies

  • Story of the World Volume 1
  • Unit Studies

  • Janice Van Cleave-Science Around the Year
  • The Complete Book of Animals
  • Unit Studies

  • Super Heroes Bible
  • Everyday Graces
  • Little Boys Book of Manners
  • Under the Tagalong Tree
  • Out of the Treasure Chest
We are using the library like crazy to supplement all we do. So do not fear if you see us lugging wagons of books out of the Library. There are simply never too many books!

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