Monday, August 25, 2008


Hooray! We made it and there were no tears! There was some arguing but not as bad as I had thought. :) So this is what we did....

First, I made this bucket for him of stuff to use for the year. I wrote him a note that he could read in the morning when he got up. We got donuts for breakfast which is I know, not a great breakfast for the brain, but FUN none the less. :)
We had circle time which was interesting with Maleiah. I made a CD of worship/bible songs that he loves and I love. We sang 3 and Maleiah danced wildly for us.

We did our first lesson of Saxon Math and we tweaked it a bit but it worked. From there we worked on a Language Arts Assessment which was very helpful! I made a list of some of things that we need to work on, handwriting being one of them. We did an art project that was called "What I Did On Vacation". Caeden drew a picture and write a sentence about our trip to Pismo Beach. He did better on this and we hung it on our school board.

All in all it has been a good day. Yeah!

I made this great Macaroni & 4 Cheese from Ellie Kreiger last night! Maleiah and I had some for lunch today and so did her doll. :)
She has been really interested in her doll which has been a delight to watch. Right now she is feeding her from her sippy cup.

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Sarah said...

Yeah for you guys!! Isn't it wonderful to see our brown boys learning the way they do best (shirtless!) I will proudly admit to being the second stalker on your more post more!!