Friday, September 19, 2008

Ice Age

We did a unit on the Ice Age which is apparently controversial in Christian circles but I did it anyway. :)

Caeden requested modeling clay so he could make a mammoth and saber tooth. He also made a man from the Ice Age that looks remarkably similar to Mr. Bill.

Modeling Clay~Ice Age
I thought he did a good job after all he did use every bit of clay and the toothpicks were a great addition. The ice wall was made with some broken tile he found...very resourceful. :)
We learned about cave painting and the tools they used. Caeden made his own cave painting.

In the end, the mammoth looked more like a dachshund but he was pleased none the less. :)

Caeden wrote a book about what life would be like if he lived in the Ice Age, of course it had a lot to do with hunting and making friends with a wolf that just happened to be named Maisie.

It was a fun unit!

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