Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday~September

This week I am MOST thankful for:

We are in a time of our life where we have the BEST friends we have ever had. We have "old" friends and "new" friends and the great thing is they all combine really well. We have never had a group of people that we could call at any time and go do something and our kids mesh pretty well so that makes it fun too. We have laughed so much with these people and anticipate with joy the next time we get to play with them!


This time of year is my favorite, well one of them at least. :) The weather is changing which I love, because I can wear sweatshirts! The holidays are coming and birthdays for the kids. Lots to do and more traditions to build. Fall combined with the great friendships we have made is even more exciting...

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Lori @ Front Porch Legacy said...

So happy for you and your family to have such nice friends. My hubby and I have been married a year this Monday and we built our home in a new community. So, we've been praying for friends!

Happy Thankful Thursday & God Bless.