Monday, November 24, 2008

Speech Therapy Update...again :)

I talked to Ms. Sarah today about the sensory assessment that she wanted to request and she said that she thinks she wouldn't qualify which is a good thing! So that is great news. The other was that she does think that a lot of Maleiah's lack of language is from her stubborn, strong willed spirit but that there are some problems with some of her sounds. Particularly her ending sounds. She doesn't due a lot of imitating, which is important, mainly because she doesn't feel like it. So this is an area we need to continue to work on. Just wanted to send out a quick update. I am in better spirits about this too. Yeah!

This week we have no school. The beauty about starting earlier than most schools is we get more time off than the public schools...I like that. :) So we are not taking a complete break. We will be learning about the Pioneers since we covered the Pilgrims last week. We will carry this over into December and use the Pioneer Christmas book.

Have a great Monday!

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