Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unwrapping Saturday

The little morsels that made my day sweet...

  • Waking up to birds in the backyard and listening to Justin and Caeden talking about what kind they are...Finches? Robins?

  • A visit from my mother in law and the excitement the kids have knowing she is coming, she is here and they are going to see her again.

  • Maleiah talking more and more and seeing her excitement over the birds in the trees. Listening to her animal sounds and seeing her hop like a frog when you ask her what a frog says. :)

  • Good books to read....

  • Sitting with Caeden during quiet time with binoculars and sketching/coloring the same birds still in our trees, eating the red berries from it's branches.

  • Turkey soup...yum!

  • Sugar cookies with frosting, just like my Aunt Beverly used to make.

  • Listening to Caeden laugh and giggle as he listens to The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne on Audio CD (the interpretation of the narrator is hilarious!) for hours and hours!

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