Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Joke-No Spend Month....LOL

So No Spend January turned into..."Oh My Gosh Justin Doesn't Have a Job Past January" so DON'T SPEND ANYTHING! That kind of month.

So here we are and there is no work for his real job right now, bids are out, we are hoping the work comes in and a prevailing wage job wouldn't be bad either. Luckily he has some side jobs lined up and work at his dad's on the weekends. We haven't been here for 7 years! The year Caeden was born there was little work. We made it through then, we will make it through this time too although it will be tougher since we are in the midst of a recession. Or is it depression? Just kidding, no depression here! Panic? Sometimes.

So we are enjoying nature in the hills and RedBox for some cheap entertainment. At least tonight we are. :) Horton Hears A it any good? I might let you know.

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