Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Will Rise

We were so blessed last night to be able to see Chris Tomlin in concert. It was.....wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, awesome! Spending 3 hours in worship with thousands of people from our city was incredible. I don't even know these people but on one night for a short time we all share a common bond, a desire to worship God. It was incredible. The music was great! Inspiring, especially during the season we are now in. A reminder of God's goodness to us and his love that rains down upon us.

This isn't the greatest video but it was one of my favorite songs from the night.

Also, he had a special guest, Christy Nockels from the group Watermark was there and she sang a song from her upcoming album! That was a special treat. She is an amazing artist and her music and sweet voice was a huge part of a hard time in our life. It was an added bonus when I saw her singing back up. :)

There are so many causes out there to support and Chris Tomlin has a great website where you can give to seven different ones. Go there to see what they are doing!


Since we have began our homeschooling I have learned so much, my world has gotten bigger! Last night I felt like it was enlarged even more, learning about children in Uganda and hearing about concerts in other countries where he learned to sing songs in their language. God is sovereign and a song that touches my heart here in California is being sung loud by believers in the Ukraine and by Brazillians dancing in the street until all hours of the night. That is crazy!


But yet here I am in my little house with my eyes on just the here and now. My eyes are opened to the vastness of our Earth and all that is in it and how although I am not a missionary in a foreign country, I can help. I can pray. I can empty my piggy bank. But even more! I can connect my kids to this as well. Helping them understand the lives that others live and how the life we live here is very different than others but we can share a common denominator and that is God in our lives. How exciting!

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