Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Touring Ancient Egypt

Okay, so we aren't really touring Ancient Egypt but Caeden tells me that he wants to visit Africa! We have learned about the Nile River and plenty about Mummies and Pyramids. We still have a chicken mummy to do and I really need to get it going during these cold months. It will get nasty when the weather warms up. We learned about the flooding of the Nile and watched the crops grow. We made Cunieform clay tablets with Caeden's name written on them and wrote things in heiroglyphics too. We haven't even talked about King Tut yet!

Anyway, here are some fun links to fun stuff that's all about old stuff...and it wouldn't be fair to not show you some fun books too. :)
  • Tour Egypt is a fun website that is for people wanting to travel to Egypt. We can't make a trip like that but they have lots of fun things for kids to do like, coloring pages, crafts and puzzles. Take a "tour" of animals in Egypt, learn about the pyramids and you can even shop for fun stuff.
  • We are learning about all of Africa, not just Egypt. So we have been studying the animals that are from Africa. We use lots of books from the library. Some great ones are by Caroline Arnold and she covers all the animals individually as well as a fun book called African Animals. We also read Elephant Quest which is about elephants but also about other animals in Africa.

  • While we learn about the animals, we learn to draw them in Draw, Write, Now-Dry Land Animals and Forest Animals. At the end of the year I am going to put all his drawings and writings in a book. He has started loving these books and asks for them all the time. They have been helpful with handwriting.

If you are in California, here is a great museum (or so I hear, we are going in a couple of months).
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Plantarium

We still have so much to learn! Happy touring!

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