Monday, May 18, 2009

It has been hot! If you live in the valley you are well aware of this and dreading the long hot summer. We are going to get a small wading pool for the kids to keep them soaked all the way through. Lucky for us, we are going to the beach in a few weeks! Yeah! The beach, our favorite place. Justin has a new wet suit for the northern California water and can't wait to get in and surf!

This year started out with some goals that we have pretty much flaked on since the unemployment saga. Simple living is happening here whether we wanted it or not. :) We have been blessed with odd jobs here and there and finally a plan for the future. Not a permanent job yet but a plan which is better than what we had before. :) We are so sad to not be with his former employer, he has been so good to us and loves Justin. We are so grateful for all he has done for us and continues to do for us even in these tough times. Justin has been working in Construction for over 10 years and he (we) doesn't want to find us in this kind of slump again so the job search has been directed at the State, County and City level as well as anything on the Commercial side. These jobs have more permanency and benefits. Looking for a job in this time is so challenging. We have sent out SO MANY resumes and received NOT ONE call back.
So, the plan is:

(trumpet blaring)

Going back to school. Kinda.

Justin is going to join the Electricians Apprenticeship Program. It will be a five year program, a cut in pay and lots of hours of work and studying. But, it will be worth it. He will have training in a trade that pays well, is needed even in the down times and his job opportunities will expand. I am really excited! Until then we will be brushing up on Algebra and getting that class taken care of before he can join the program.

We are finishing up first grade (another post for another day...) and no ladybug (or any insect for that matter) is safe from Maleiah. She catches them all.
I want to blog more...what should I talk about? I am going to make a me.

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