Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Months & 8 Days Ago...

...I posted about Justin getting laid off and the beginning of a new adventure called unemployment, oh JOY! It hasn't been miserable, it hasn't been traumatic, it has actually been kinda that allowed?

Today Justin got a job! Oh how I will miss him! Seriously. We have had a good time! Not only is it a job, but a good one. More $$ and full benefits!

God has been so faithful to us during this time. Last October we stopped using credit cards in order to get a grip on debt. Our resolution for the new year was to simplify and pay off debt. Then we went into survival mode when he lost his job. We still haven't used credit cards thanks to side jobs a'plenty. We are so blessed, still in debt but not any deeper so that's something to be thankful for! {I am so glad the job came before school starts so we can deal with that adjustment before we get into school mode.}

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