Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Art Night~Clay Insects

I am trying to come up with projects to do on Family Art Night....Caeden loves clay so I thought we would go that route and see what happens!

We chose an insect theme and it took off from there. Justin is a great artist and spent the most time on his {unfortunately} wingless dragonfly. The kids and I made caterpillars, ladybugs, a termite {a good one!} and roly poly's ("Pollo!" says Maleiah. She has no idea she is saying chicken in Spanish).

Of course we listened to our new favorite CD, appropriately called Family Time!
Family Time~Ziggy Marley
Music that makes a difference which I love. Learn the ABC song but don't associate the good old song with apples, balls, and cats. Now it's Africa, Brother and Caring. Words that actually mean something, globally. My favorite is "Ziggy Says" which is a {"Simon Says"} song with some silliness, hugging, smiling and peace sign throwing. Maleiah loves this CD and asks for "Ziggy Marley!" by name. Gotta love that; a two year old that can pick out Marley music on a play list. :)

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