Friday, August 7, 2009

This morning I was reading Heidi's blog and I was inspired, motivated and humored, all at the same time. Inspired by her honesty. Motivated because I was not alone in the day to day chaos of life (this I already know thanks to my very real friends :)) and blogs don't have to make everything seem perfect. Humored because a lot of what she wrote about, I deal with daily, every minute of the day.

*While I was checking email Maleiah was in the hallway, painting her face with glue.

*My niece is here today (she is 1) and when I went to pick her up off the schoolroom floor I felt something sticky on her bottomside. It was not only sticky but sparkly. She had found a seat in glue and glitter.

*As I was filling the washer with {COLD} clothes to wash with the sparkly pants I went to change said niece and when I returned to add soap to the washer, Maleiah had added all of Justin's work clothes to the washer. I salvaged what I could of the {HOT} clothes. I know they are only clothes but really his are kinda filthy. :/

Just a peek into my world. I wonder what she is doing now....


Julie said...

love it!!! this sooo what our life is really all about isn't it????
you had asked me about workboxes - yes the work with mom or help(that is what i created for us to use) cards are for the work your son will have to do with you. my boys dont do much on their own without me so i also created extra cards to put on their boxes for all the subjects we all do together - almost everything - and then i will use the help cards for things like math and LA that they still have to do with me. i hoep that helps - i feel like it is a scatterbrained answer so please email me with more questions if you wnat!!!

~*Mona*~ said...

Too fun! I have day to day moments like this also, which is why I am so slow to blogging on a regular basis, lol :o)

Have a great day! Maybe a little less chaotic than the last! lol ;o)