Friday, August 21, 2009

The Workbox Bandwagon & Week 1 Roundup

I jumped on...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but I thought it would be good for Caeden (our planner) so I wrestled daily with the idea up until the first day of school. I said I would give it a go for his benefit and see what happened but to be honest I did not have high hopes. I was afraid it would be a disaster and all I could think of was the time and money that was going into the project.

So we are at the end of WEEK 1 of school and workboxes {pictures coming later!}and they are really working out great! I won't say I love them...yet.

There has been no complaining {love that!} and he doesn't wander off when he is done with his work {love that too!}. It helps that I had the year all planned out so all I have to do is go to my planner and then fill the boxes. We are only using 8 boxes at the most right now, so I am not filling them with lots of extras right now. This works because school is done by noon {most days} and I can't not love that! So far all the curriculum we are using has been a hit, which I am very pleased with. Caeden really likes the Draw to Learn the Book of Proverbs book {"Yeah, Art!"} and he as always loves Explode the Code. Math has been so good {knock on wood} and there have been no tears at all, and no fighting which is awesome! We ended last year on a bad note so to start out so sweetly this year is such a blessing.

Maleiah has been doing great with her Lazy Preschool stuff. Cutting, painting, reading and gluing, what's not to love? She loved the Corn Syrup painting and it was fun to watch her get into it. Permission to make a mess? Right on, mom!

All in all, it has been a pleasant week. I was paranoid at the beginning so it has been very restorative to have had such a great week!

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Chrissie L. said...

Yay for a great first week!!! Keep up the awesome work :)