Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Round-Up~4

I am so excited! We have made it to 4 weeks with NO TEARS & NO FIGHTING!

Last week we were at my dad's house and he was asking Caeden what his favorite subject was in school and he said,

"Science and History are my favorites because I like learning about volcanoes."

Then my dad asked him what his least favorite was and I waited....{Math? I am sure of it comes....}

"None. I like them all."

Did you HEAR that? He didn't say math, he said he liked all his subjects!


So anyway...we had a good week. We are reading Black Ships Before Troy, all about the Trojan War. He is really into homonyms/homophones, he gives me new ones everyday.

{Did I mention on here that Maleiah cut her hair a week ago? She has half a mullet, it's so totally 80's, like totally.}

We got all of our art stuff and I am so excited to start this next week! It's going to be fun. :) I also revamped some things for Maleiah in the quest to keep her hands away from the scissors. More on that later...

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