Saturday, October 10, 2009

We have the plague. Well the kids do, hopefully the adults are spared.

Fevers, coughs, sleeping children and quarantined to the house.....all....week....long.

So, I have been collecting every morsel I can find about Charlotte Mason. I used to wonder if I was more Classical or Charlotte Mason minded and I am definitely the latter although I do love pieces of the former. I ordered books and I have been searching for blogs like a crazy woman.

Some faves...

Simply Charlotte Mason
His Mercy Is New
Our Journey Westward
In the Heart of My Home

and finding inspiration through all of them.

I spent some time here:
holy experience

wandering, soaking and again inspired.

Rearranging, nesting, purging, snuggling, and watching more cartoons than I would like to admit: This has been my week.

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