Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweetly Broken

I have kind of claimed this song as my anthem.  I want this for my life...

Sweetly Broken.
Wholly Surrendered.

The last two weeks have been crazy here. We started getting sick on a Thursday, followed by Justin getting laid off on Friday and a death in the family on Saturday. Maleiah had bronchitis was on antibiotics and a breathing treatment. I had a sinus infection, Justin had a bit of it all and Caeden got the least of it. In my parenting life I have never felt worse and together, Justin and I made barely one functioning parent. We are still processing so much and I found the one thing I actually wanted to do was blog. Probably to just get it all out of my head but really it was a jumbled mess so I spared you. Really.  From the moment I found out Justin was laid off again I was really trying to think of the good.  Knowing that everything happens for a reason {but why?}, knowing that God cares and will take care of us {really?}...

My heart was {and still is} scared but trusting.  

0106. The gift of time
0107. Kleenex
0108. Music that breathes life into me
0109. Days together working out the kinks.
0110. Good books that kick our parenting into high stride.
0111. New recipes from a colorful cookbook.
0112. Girlfriends
0113. A family remembering a grandmother who left a legacy.
0114. Maleiah's new made up language.
0115. Caeden's afternoon of creating: a treasure map, a treasure chest and the quest to find the perfect spot in the backyard to bury it.

0116. Side jobs to keep us afloat.
0117. Rainbow legwarmers for a little girl.
0118. Books, books and more books.
0119. Napkins waiting to be made, if I should be so brave.
0120. Sunny days that remind me of San Diego.  

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