Thursday, April 15, 2010

If only I was as brave as this girl.  Like when she brings in a handful of worms after a good rain.  Or when she says "Mommy look!  It's so cute!  Look it has bubbles!"  And the thing she is talking about, dangling inches from my face {but I am reading email or reading my blog reader or, or or... }and that's when I look and it's a snail.  In my face.  And I gasp, nearly gag and I think a shriek came out.  She is the one that says, "It's okay Mommy, it's only a snail."  And then she comforts the snail... in case it was terrified of me.  Which it probably was.  

It makes me want to be her.  Have her courage and bravery.  Because gagging and shrieking at small slimy things is just so girly and not cool.

I think she is kinda cool.

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bailors said...

she is one cool girl!!! just like her momma (who is very brave....just in different, less slimy, ways!)