Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Messy Life...

A failed history project. :)
Our life just got a bit messier.  Messy in a good way with some not so good mixed in there too.  We just added two teenagers to our life and we seriously have no idea what we are doing.  Amidst job searching, possibly losing our home and ... well, we homeschool.  So it's messy.  I now have a junior higher and a high schooler that I am taking and picking up from school, and with that all the drama that comes with caring for teenage girls.  Particularly girls who haven't been parented in a positive way.  But they are family and we go way back so it was natural to just take them, love them and hope that it works.

So far it's hard but good.  Good because I feel like this is what I was meant to do.  Good because I am up early everyday (now if I can just start getting up at 6 am instead of 6:30 am I might not have a 4 year old following me down the hall... wishful thinking?).  Good because the girls are safe.  Hard because, they are teens.  Enough said.

I have been sewing and knitting, making plans for birthdays and the holidays.  Maleiah turned 4 in October and Caeden turns 9 next week.  Justin and I both have birthdays in November too so it's festive and around every corner is a party.

School is going well.  We scrapped a lot of what we planned to do with Maleiah and she is thriving since we have let her go at her own pace.  It's more fun watching her learn and do things when she is ready rather than forcing it.  She copied her name the other night and I couldn't help but beam and perhaps even shriek.  Justin is taking a math class in hopes of joining an electricians apprenticeship.  Caeden is reading everything in sight and we only have 25 more lessons in his second grade math so we can move on to third!  This is so exciting and now that we are set on Saxon we are seeing the fruit of that decision.

 We have friends moving away, two families we have been very close to these last few years and we are heartbroken yet excited for their journey.  Things are changing for us all around and that makes our hearts messy too.  But we know God is doing something in our midst so we keep waiting with hopeful anticipation for what happens next.

Life is messy but we are embracing it.
Chalk drawings
Building a marshmallow/cereal castle for history.

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