Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Packing a trailer for a long move like this is a lot like playing Tetris except that there are no points, just your belongings in one piece.  Justin, his dad and some friends helped with the loading and cleaning out of the house.  We paid for 21 feet of a 28 foot trailer and our goal was to get our stuff in under the 21 but that didn't happen.  We sent a van load of things to store at my father-in-laws barn but most of it fit in the footage we paid for.  We went with ABF Freight and I have had nothing but a great experience!  We priced other truck companies but once we added fuel costs for a truck that size and our Explorer it would have been about the same as ABF.  So we went with someone else driving our stuff and we get to go on this road trip together which is a total win in my book.

We said goodbye to family and friends over the weekend and it was bittersweet.  So happy to move forward, yet so sad to leave so much behind.  I don't know what I would do without technology, it will be a huge blessing to be able to use Facebook, Skype, e-mail and this blog as a way to stay connected.

We stocked up on lots of snacks, and the kids were given so many fun things to do on the trip to keep them preoccupied.  I made my last trip to Trader Joe's and purchased 8 jars of peanut butter and a few other non-perishables.  That's one of the conveniences that I will miss the most!  We did all of our shopping at TJ's and there are zero in Texas...but it's a Whole Foods nation we will see what kind of experience I can have there.  :)

We also dug for worms...

Today, we left on time...that never happens and we headed to Visalia to visit my friend and then headed on to Indio, CA!  We stopped at the Grapevine and the kids were great.  Maleiah kept herself busy with stickers, markers and crayons.  Caeden got some new Star Wars books to read and a Melissa & Doug License Plate Puzzle.  We told him that for every state license plate he found we wold give him a dollar.  He has to tell us where he saw it and then flip over the license plate and read to us the capital of that state.  He's learning and earning which works for both of us.  :)

Maisie (our dog) was prescribed a sedative but she has been so great and we haven't needed to use them.  She quivers every once in awhile but I think she believes that we aren't dropping her off anywhere.

I can't believe that tomorrow I will be in another state(actually 2!).  It's all so surreal and I don't really know what to make of it all yet.  As we get closer I am sure the anticipation of something new will be stronger and the reality of distance will hit too.  Lord, let there be a Pepsi nearby.  :)

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