Saturday, April 2, 2011

So, you know that feeling when you wake up in a tent when you are camping?  Kind of a sticky feeling?  That's what it's like to wake up in Katy, Texas, except it will get worse in a few months!  Even though our world outside has a layer of humidity resting on every surface, it still feels good.  

There are birds everywhere!  It sounds like an aviary (thanks Amanda for the help on that one, LOL) but with mostly morning doves, which do not coo only in the morning.  They also coo at 1:00 in the morning.  It's a little alarming because at first they sound like voices that are far away.

The kids LOVE the house (it's a rental, for those that asked)!  They ran in circles squealing and jumping for 30 minutes.  They were both so squirrely last night from being in a car for 3 days so I am hoping it will calm down soon?  Of course, they slept on the floor in our room…hoping to get them in their own rooms soon!!!  The house is bigger than we have ever lived in before.  Most of it has been updated with a few things that are "vintage" 1970's.  The one thing I am most surprised about is how quiet it is here.  We were used to living on a busy street and street now sits a few blocks from the freeway but you can't hear anything.  It's just, silent.

Some friends of Justin's brought over some groceries and disposable items last night along with two gallon ziploc bags full of Starbuck's pastries!!!  They have a son who works for Starbucks and when he closes they get the bounty left over from the day.  I was glad to not have to think about milk and where to put the milk, I have no clue where the cups are. 

Justin and I didn't go to bed until after one last night.  We sorted boxes, set up some electronics (Comcast comes this morning!), and sorted more boxes.  I might be convinced (I said might) that no one should have this many boxes of books.  Mostly for the fact that they are so horribly heavy!!!  But what that really means is I might be willing to part with some only to replace them with new ones.  It's a sickness really, I mean we have four library cards waiting for us at the new library!

So, on the list for today:

  • Comcast comes to connect me to everyone I dearly love.
  • Target for some fun stuff like brooms and garbage cans.  
  • More unpacking and possibly unloading some of these books!
See the birdy?  They are every. where.

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