Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Place For A Coffee Cup

When funds are not plentiful we tend to shop at home, looking through what we have and asking if it's being used the best that it can be where it's at.  We also try to find a way to make it ourselves which often means some work but it's rewarding, right?  Fresh baked bread, homemade granola, a skirt, pajamas and maybe a coffee table?

Justin came across an abundance of pallets at his work and if you do a google search or are a fellow Pinterest addict then you know that pallets can be made into nearly any kind of furniture.  So being the handy guy that Justin is, he made a coffee table for our living room.  We needed a punch of color, naturally we chose red, it's a color we lean toward pretty consistently.  Blue is our favorite color but right now we have a lot of blue happening so we needed a pop, something to break it up.  We needed some functionality; a place for books, some games and maybe a picnic for movie night.

This picture was the inspiration piece:
with a little more of this:

 we found the casters at the Katy Antique Mall, 4 for a $1. 

We still need to get a piece of glass cut for but it is so useful already!  We have some trays inside the openings to hold games.  The trays are in need of some TLC so it gave me an extra project, yeah!

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