Thursday, June 9, 2011


We really haven't been doing anything really exciting but the adventure surely continues.  Right now I am in the kitchen watching over a tortilla that slowly cooks in some butter on the stove.  The beans are warming so we can enjoy some bean burritos for lunch, Caeden's favorite.  It's summer for most kids in Katy and we are pushing on, making up for lost time during the chaos of moving to a new state.  Our new schedule is working out great and some stuff gets canceled for something more important but mostly we are getting it done.  Caeden skipped ahead 5 lessons in spelling and Maleiah is plowing ahead on her letter sounds.  Math is getting done although we are still playing catch up.  I think this will give him a better foundation since we are slowing it down so we know he understands all the concepts.  We love science and history and I am looking forward to actually planning out our next year but I am holding off so we can complete what we are in now.

Now is so vital, so we don't miss anything.  Like blowing bubbles.  Isn't that a rite of passage of some kind, maneuvering that bubble gum around your tongue and making a bubble only to have it pop on your face?

Our back patio was covered with June Bugs last night, completely.  It was gross and they just sat there, like gathering for a meeting that would result in giving me the heebie-jeebies.  Success!

Justin and I have been able to go on a few date nights.  We have been swapping with another couple from our church.  It's been nice to have some time out without the kids as well as the kids having time with friends.  This couple has a pool which the kids LOVE and this will likely be a place we spend lots of time this summer.  As well as beaches.  Beaches so close and warm that it reminds me of home and summers with friends, camping, parties and kids in trees.

As I was leaving the house last week and as I was closing the door I noticed Buzz Lightyear was trying to ride after us on his horse.  

Weather Question of the Day

Questions from the jar.  Caeden finds the answer and writes about it in his journal.

"Fire Ants on a log!" ~ Caeden

A few things we have been reading:

Dave Ramsey (a fellow Texan), basically all of his books have been on our coffee table over the past few weeks.  We have listened to a few of his radio shows via iTunes podcasts and also finding all we can online.  My favorite find so far has been Simple Mom's rundown of all the steps to financial peace.  She is one of my favorite bloggers anyway and this has been a personal success for them.

Believing God by Beth Moore (another fellow Texan!)...just needed something for personal enrichment and I picked her because she is funny and I love hearing her talk so as I am reading I hear all the intonations of her voice and it makes me laugh although it is a serious book so I probably shouldn't be laughing????  But I am and believing more.

And here is a video, proof of the bubble (it's a much better show when it's Bubblicious, but we were out), the now that shouldn't be missed.

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