Monday, February 13, 2012

January: Beginning to End

I had ideas for posts and they were lost among school projects and just is the short version. :)

We loved New Years Eve in Texas!  The fireworks are amazing here.
We did some fun projects for history.

Fires in London 
We glued a template of the streets of London on poster board.
Getting ready to burn London: the buildings were built close together and the streets were narrow.
The fire started in the bakery...see the ladybug shop?
And there it goes

Blending In

Another project that Caeden was given was to blend in as the Native Americans did in order to successfully attack the enemy.  He had to decide how he could hide somewhere in the backyard without any of us finding him.  Maleiah left a clue (which we thought might be a diversion) so it gave his position away.  However, we couldn't see him and we were standing right in front of him.  Can you see him?


We discovered a new sandwich shop that we love called Which Wich?  

Did anyone else go through that awkward smiling phase as a kid?  My mom called it "the gun to your head smile" must be genetic because Caeden has totally got it going on.


We said goodbye to our closest friends here in Texas.  They moved to Georgia (which excites me a whole lot! Road Trip!!!!) to take a new job and we miss them terribly.  It was a bit strange to be on this side of the leaving since we are coming up on a year of doing the leaving ourselves! 

 See the piano?  I'm in love...

So January was busy, bittersweet, and full of new beginnings for us and for so many of our family and friends.  

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