Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's been awhile...

I have not been on here in months. Mainly because I spend most of my days on MYSPACE. I have tried bloggging over there but it is just a different feel. So here I am, back again not really sure why I even keep this place open but non the less...I am here.

Life is great! God is Good! That about sums it up for me. I want to inspire people but I don't even feel inspired myself right now. I am in season of evaluating friendships and praying about how to be a better friend. I am having an amazing time with the friends we are making at our new church and we are finally free from performanced based relationships.

Caeden starts kindergarten in 2 weeks and I am so excited for him. I once considered homeschooling and it is still an option down the road. Caeden is a very active, social being and to keep him in this house with me day after day would wear us both down. I know that if I were to keep him home it would be for my own issues and not for his betterment. We will give it a few years and see what comes out of it. We have given him a foundation that we can continually build upon. It is hard to visit website after website of Christian moms and feel like the minority and I end up feeling condemnation because I am sending my son out into the fierce world. It's one of those things I just need to get over.

Maleiah is getting big and she is getting into everything now that she has mastered crawling. No dog hair or fallen cheerio is safe! Speaking of dog hair and cheerios, I need a handheld vacuum so that I can clean up those littel messes after meals. I found one at Target and when we ahve the extra money I am hoping to purchase it. Lugging the big smelly vacuum out after every meal is a pain.

I am just babbling trying to find my way back I will sign off and return another day, maybe with wisdom and well, maybe not. :)

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