Saturday, November 25, 2006

"I'm sorry I ruined Christmas, Mommy"

This is what Caeden said after he accidentally knocked over the Christmas tree we had just finished decorating with brand new ornaments. Of course many of those ornaments were smashed into smithereens on our cement floor.

After this, he was so worried that Christmas was ruined....

"Mommy, did everyone hear the tree fall?"
"Now we can't have Christmas, I
ruined it for everyone."
"God is going to be sad because we can't have
Christmas and he heard the tree fall too."

...and my personal favorite....

"Mommy, I tried to catch the tree but it just moved to fast."

Okay just typing that has me laughing.

So, we reassured him that he didn't ruin Christmas and that I would fix the tree, which I did at 4 in the morning after feeding Maleiah I was redecorating the tree so he wouldn't panic in the morning.

Being a mom is the best. It's better than the comedy channel for sure or any live comedian. It's 24/7 amusement and I am blessed.

P.S. If you heard the tree fall, don't tell Caeden...LOL

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