Monday, October 22, 2007


Good Morning!

What a weekend! It was Maleiah's first birthday this past weekend and it was so busy! We had her party at the park and i really wanted it to be special and celebrate the fact that she is even here. :)

On Friday I made candy wrappers for small hershey chocolate bars. This took me forever and if anyone needs tips to make it owrk let me know because I have been schooled. :) I also went party food shopping that night. Saturday we had soccer in the morning then off to the grocery store agin just for the weekly menu needs. Then I returned home and we had friends over who so graciously helped with projects for the party. We put the candy wrappers on the bars and made popcorn balls for the first time! They were fun....and yummy. :) Later in the evening I made the cake and that was a trip down memory lane, remembering my aunt and all the times I watched her make cakes.

The party was great! Maleiah ate cake and loved her gifts. It was a great time with friends and family. Just a year ago we were still in the hospital and Maleiah was in the is still so fresh but then at the same time it's so far away.

Today we had her doctor's appointment and she got shots...yuck. So now she is resting and I am off soon to get Caeden from school. I am trying to get the house back into shape after the weekend festivities and laundry is desperately needing to be organized.

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