Thursday, October 4, 2007


Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. I am more in love with Justin today than ever before. I can't believe it has been 10 years...

"I take a gift from God, to be my lifelong companion, to join with you and to share all that is to come, to give and to recieve, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond, and in all our life together, to be loyal to you with my whole being, as long as we both shall live."

Have I always thought of him as a gift or even treated him that way, honestly, no but I truly see him that way now. There was a time I thought (and he thought) we had made a mistake. We laugh now at the hard times and how they made us who we are today. He truly is my lifelong companion, my best friend and the one I share everything with. The one I can truly be me with, in all my quirkiness, truly me. When I think about all that we have shared it is crazy! All the moves, jobs, the kids here and not, the laughs, the tears and through it all we are stronger today. I am in love with him, he is my treasure.

A year ago I was still in the hospital and I woke up to my first day of freedom. I would be able to sit up in bed, YEAH! I would even get to go for a wheelchair ride which was the one thing I could not wait to do so I could actually see the outside of my room that I had been in for 2 1/2 months. Instead I got a call that my mom had passed away. I stayed in bed that day.

So today is a day of mixed emotions. A day of remembering so many things. A marriage to a man I love dearly, a mother, and a time in my life that produced something wonderful.
My life is so blessed and I am so grateful to God for giving me this life and the faces I get to smile at everyday...

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