Thursday, November 1, 2007

Loving My Home Thursday

Today I am trying to love my home and all who are in it. I have done some laundry, ran the dishwasher and straightened the kitchen. I want my home to be a blessing to my family and to any that enter. How will I do this? I was never taught to clean a home or what it took to run a home so I am really working on my own on this. I have taken what I have learned being in other peoples homes as well as what I glean from the Internet which is really a wealth of information, sometimes too much information.

Right now I am feeling rather overwhelmed by the state of affairs in my home. It seems like there is a pile of chaos in every room and I just need to attack it! Not to mention unfinished projects that my husband has started. Our floors are almost done, all he needs to do is the hallway which he said will take an hour so maybe this weekend it will get finished.

Here is my list for each room...

Living Room/ Entry Way

  • sweep/wet mop the floors

  • clean off the chair (remove clothes and book basket)

  • dust

  • clean out mailbox

  • clean out shoe basket and put jackets away

  • put all movies, Cd's and games away


  • clean!!!

  • clean out fridge

  • empty sink=clean dishes

Bathroom 1

  • clean from top to bottom

Maleiah's Room

  • finish bookshelves

  • put hand me down clothes in a box to give back

  • clean carpets

  • paint wainscoting

  • paint walls

  • clean out closet

Caeden's Room

  • paint walls

  • get cork board for wall and hang

  • clean carpets

Our Room

  • texture walls and paint

  • clean carpets

Bathroom 2

  • clean from top to bottom

I will tackle this bit by bit during the month of November. We are hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and I would love to have a complete house to host in and of course LIVE IN. :)

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