Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shredded Paper & A Good Day of Coloring

In my quest to find things for Maleiah to do during school time I have come across a curriculum for 2 year olds! Each month they recommend a new Sensory Tub to entertain little people. For the month of September we are playing with, (or tossing all over the living room if interest is lost) shredded paper. Luckily my Dad has a paper shredder so all the paper comes out looking like confetti. And because I LOVE color I used some old neon colored card stock and shredded away. It is beautiful, even all over my floor and underneath my chairs. Even with dog hair mixed in and old popcorn kernels, it's beautiful. Despite the mess, she had fun and it kept her busy! That equals success!After the shredded paper play but before the flinging of the shredded paper we had a successful table time while Caeden did his Math. Remarkably, Maleiah sat for nearly a half hour and colored...(just a side note, my daughter needs a purse. Right now she is in the backyard carrying Caeden's backpack around and my purses? Can't find any of them.) So back to the coloring...here is the proof:
I think she looks so studious in this one. :)Dot stickers. Need I say more?

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