Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new favorite button..

I love my Amazon.com wish list and now I love it even more, if that is possible. Now you can anything to your wish list from anywhere on the web!

I know, you are excited, right?

There were plenty of times I would find something for the kids, Justin or myself and think I wish I could get this at Amazon so I can put it on my list, especially if it is a birthday or Christmas list. And who wants 10 different wish lists? Yes, I probably have that many but where?

I have no idea.

Thank you Amazon for making things a little easier!

So you just add this little button to your browser bookmarks, mine are located right above my screen and POW!!! When I see what I like I push my button and I tell it where to go.

It's wonderful and I hope you go there and find joy like I have.

Have a Happy Amazon Day!

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