Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready

This is my new favorite book! (Click and find it at Amazon, my other favorite thing...) It is becoming a life saver for me in finding things for Maleiah to do in the mornings!

It gives developmental appropriate ideas for each week in a child's life, ages 0- 5 years old. Since Maleiah is going to be 2 next month I am doing some things from the current week and also from weeks past, mainly for some variety and some out of curiosity.

Yesterday we played with a medicine dropper, sans the medicine and replaced it with water that had been colored with green and red food coloring. The idea is to have Maleiah suck the water up from one cup and squeeze it out into an empty cup...this will take some practice. :) But she liked it! Winner!The above picture is actually a face of is her "eeeeese" face whenever a camera is pointing in her direction.

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