Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maleiah's ALTA Medical Assessments

In the last few weeks Maleiah has had 2 assessments regarding her mild speech delay. At the time of the speech assessment she had about 15 words and since then I think she has acquired 5 or more new words or attempts at words that have not been repeated. These are some of the things that were said about Maleiah in the assessments that were sent to me:

Maleiah displays a bit of "her-own" agenda but with enticement participated in the activities presented. She is an adorable toddler who was delightful to interact with."

Communication: RECEPTIVE: 24-27 months/EXPRESSIVE: 12-14 months
Gross Motor: Current Skill Level: 22-26 months
Fine Motor: Current Skill Level:22-24 months
Cognitive: Current Skill Level: 24-25 months
Social-Emotional: Current Skill Level: 24-26 months
"Maleiah displays a wide variety of emotions..." That's an understatement...
Self-Help: Current Skill Level: 24-26 months

Both assessments recommend speech therapy which could start as early as October. We are very pleased and thankful to get the help and for FREE! Sometimes the state of CA does make good choices! :)

Anyway, each day we get better at communicating which makes the frustration level go down!


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