Saturday, December 6, 2008

Computer Frenzy!!!

In my goal of trying to simplify and save space I am always looking for ways to find more space in the desk department. Computers take up lots of space and since we don't have the funds for a Macbook we are swimming in computer drama.

We were given an old Macintosh desktop during the summer and when I say old I mean OLD and has to stay that way. It is running on Panther (do you know what that means? Two running systems behind, is what it means) and cannot be brought up to date. Very frustrating and there is plenty I can't do without it being updated. So we sent our Dell Computer to the hills with my father-in-law so he can take it apart and use the pieces...don't ask me what for, I just provide the parts. :) Earlier in the year we purchased for a very low price a Dell laptop.

I had big plans for this little guy but then there was no sound one day...just gone.

So some of my plans went kaput and so I just played games and such. Then I got an IPOD for a gift and guess what? Won't run on the Mac since it's too old and can't play in the dell since there is no sound. Between these two I was pulling my hair out!

So today I hooked up the little guy to the internet and went a-searching. I upgraded and explored and OH MY! I am a happy camper! I found out about Google Reader...amazing! Am I out fo touch or what? I organized my Outlook 2007 (which has pretty colors) and set up feeds of all my favorite blogs!

So now each morning when I check to see if I have mail from my girlfriends I can also check out the blogs of all the moms I don't know and will probably never meet.

It's a weird world we live in.

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Mandi said...

Hi Manderly! Thank you so much for visiting me over at Mom's the Word. I have now visited you and become one of your followers as it seems like we have a bit in common. My name is Mandi Lee, sounds so similar - I too am a stay at home mom - Will be starting to homeschool my 2 girls in January and my brother's name is Justin. We stay in Johannesburg, South Africa and it is lovely to see all the pictures of snow for Christmas. You see, we have a summertime Christmas (with fake snow) and usually swim on Christmas day! Have a great weekend too!