Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everyday Unwrapped...a little late :)

This past Monday, Emily hosted Everyday Unwrapped, having eyes wide open during this holiday season and noticing the gifts of everyday. Since I have been sick and making computer changes I wasn't able to post on Monday so here it is a little late. :)

I found Maleiah in front of the tree with her Little Blessings Bible (upside down of course). She loves this Bible and we read it everyday. It's hard to get a candid shot of her, she is always on.

We found the kids on our bed before bedtime, looking at books was so quiet and they weren't arguing, until we came into the room of course. :)

We have been observing a dandelion for weeks, finally we came outside and it was open! Caeden decided to leave this one alone and let the wind blow the florets but he found some others we had not been watching and had fun sending them to seed anew.

Justin took the kids to get the mail and Caeden came running in telling me I had to come see the moon and the clouds. I attempted to get a picture and this was the best I could do. It was fun watching the clouds moving over the moon.

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emily said...

Not too late at all! I'm so glad you linked up! And can I just say that I love the fact that you've been watching a dandelion for weeks. That is wonderful. Also, what a beautiful photo of the cloudy moon.

Thank you for noticing these things and sharing them with us!