Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Spend January-Week 1

It is nearly impossible to NOT spend anything when you have kids or...are breathing. I mean I can say NO to the big stuff but when the milk and eggs are gone on the SECOND day of the no spend month what's a mom to do.

I went to Save Mart, not as pretty so I won't be tempted by pretty things but I got a good deal on milk and eggs.

  • $7.39 (2 gallons of milk, 2 dozen eggs)
  • Mid-Week grocery stop...$13.39

It's been kind of a joke in the house lately about this "no spend" idea.

Justin said, "Maybe we could change it to No Spend February?"

  • Gas for the gas guzzling SUV: $25.01

We have eaten pancakes all week for breakfast (much to Caeden's delight!) and had PB and honey (Costco purchase WAY back in November and we aren't even halfway through!) for most lunches so we aren't lacking and we still have options in the pantry and freezer!

Justin needs new tires. :)

Maisie our bright dog may have swallowed a needle that was attached to a string of popcorn...she left the button at the end. So far she is fine but we can't find that dang needle anywhere, just the button. So we watch her, hoping it just got kicked under the couch.

So to wrap up week one I would have to say, WOW.

This is hard. But worth it.

I am reading Your Money Or Your Life (Simple Mom Book Club) and it is rocking my world and I am only on chapter 1! More on that later...this one is long enough. :)

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