Friday, January 16, 2009

No Spend January-Week 2

Trader Joes: $48.00

Ink Cartridge & Paper: $20.00 (Ink will be reimbursed by school. :))

Lapse In Judgement, Drive Thru: $16.00

This week I realized, after searching a few (hundred) blogs that this idea was not well planned out. :) Meaning that my only goal was don't spend anything, pay off debt. I should have made a budget to give myself some grace and give us some boundaries....duly noted. With that, I couldn't have foreseen that Justin potentially could not have work in 2 weeks.

So how does that change things?

I have no idea.

But it will definitely make the no spend part a little easier....LOL.

We have no available cushion so we don't have some great plan for the next 6 months. Our only plan is: find work.

Have you ever seen Stuart Little? His dad (Fredrick Little) says there is always a silver is mine.

This is stretching me, taking me into territory that doesn't feel good but I know it is good for my character and helping me focus on the small things and using my creative side in new ways.

I learned this week to say, "Yes, Lord" and when I feel like freaking (or when I do...) out I ask God for help and I say with quivering lips, "Yes, Lord. I will trust you and not myself. I will keep going because the other side of this mountain, though crossing it will be painful at times, will be better than now. Better because my faith will be stronger, my God will be known deeper as I trust each step he takes with me."

Justin might have work, he might not. This time though seems heavier since the economy is shrinking and so are the jobs. My human eyes see all the possibilities and the worst case scenario's but for some wierd reason it feels good to embrace it. Change is good, right?


Mandi said...

Hi Manderly,
You are right, it is very hard to keep a straight head in the middle of a storm. We sing a song that goes "who's report will you believe, we will believe in the report of the Lord". Yes, the economy is bad - but God is never late, He always comes through right when we need Him the most, I have personally seen this too many times to ever doubt. I stand in agreement with you that Justin will get work and that you all can breathe a sigh of relief. May you have peace and prosperity in the year that lies ahead.

Tess Yothers said...

Dear Manderly,

I like your goal this year! you know I have seen and witness Gods provision already, God is our provider and He is faithful. Those who trust in Him will never be disappointed, will never be put to shame and never be shaken. Last December, were worried about our financial situation and my hubby was ready to get a second job, I did not want him to, working as a teacher is more than enough for him but he found out later that he did not have to get another job but we were still very tight; one day I had a call from my sister from the Philippines and they needed money, it was a sacrificial for us to send to them but we did trusting the Lord that He will provide our needs. We went to a craft fair to sell my bags and dolls but I only sold one doll. My hubby was not disappointed at all. When we got home and check our mails, here we received a check from our previous bank. The Lord return the money we sent to my sister and more. God is a great mighty King. He can and will use anything and anyone to provide His people.