Friday, January 2, 2009

Space Is Limited-Using It

When you live in an 1100 square foot home you need to be creative when it comes to space. Using it, finding it and maintaining it are three very important tasks. Simple is best, less is better.

Using it...

We use every inch. Sometimes the floors are layered in toys, paper scraps from a 2 year old that loves snipping paper with scissors, piles of books, laundry that just couldn't possibly make it into the laundry basket which is right next to said laundry, on the floor. So then we ask the question of how we are using this space. Is it being used purposefully? Creatively? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

We needed more food storage and we knew this shortly after moving here so we converted the entryway closet into the food pantry. Coats and jackets were moved to the extra bedroom closet, which is now Maleiah's closet.

Caeden needed storage in his closet so instead of just using the floor and top shelf, Justin built shelves to store, toys, games, books and clothes that will be worn later. This same closet idea will go in Maleiah's room. :) Also in Caeden's room Justin built a window seat/toy box along one wall. This is perfect for toys as well as all the bedding needed for his room.

In Maleiah's room we decided to do something on her window wall as well but we wanted it to be different. We opted for bookshelves on either side and we put my mother's old church pew in between to act as a window seat. The bookshelves are gorgeous and they hold toys, quilts, books and other mementos. She is getting older and has more toys and we are going to need that closet soon! (hint, hint)

We are making plans to build 2 more bookshelves, one by the entryway to house things that are coming and going as well as the large amount of library books we bring into our home. This one I am really excited about. :) The other will be in the living room and will sit between the couch and desk. It will act as a divider between the two spaces. This shelf will hold mostly school stuff, there is lots of it. :)

Justin enjoys building things and it is nice to see something and have him say, "I can make that." Yeah! Less expensive! Yeah! Using our space creatively and purposefully. :)

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