Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Was This A Good Idea?

No Spend January....

What was I thinking?

I was thinking that I really want to pay off our debt and have money in our savings account. I was thinking that I really am servant to the lender and we miss out on so much because our money is going elsewhere. But in January? November and December are the worst months for work, there are 3 weeks that Justin doesn't work the whole week and in the midst of that are 3 birthdays and Christmas. All of that was paid with cash this year (Yeah! High Five!) but still we are recovering as we do every year. So January is a tough month as we catch up.

And today we spent $140.00 for unplanned medical appointments.

I did not expect this to be easy, and just as when we ask for patience the Lord provides by giving us oppurtunities for patience, this will be no different. He will challenge me in this area and I have a choice. Do I fold? Nope. I know that the Lord will provide and He is always faithful. This is an oppurtunity for my faith wings to grow. Grow wings! Grow!

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Mandi said...

Hey, I am right there with you on this subject!

We too have had 2 birthdays after Christmas and another 2 in the next week.

We also had a trip to the ER on New Years Eve and R 600 bill to show for it.

Well, at least we are trying and not giving up until we reach the goal of being debt free!