Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bye Bye Crib

Last night Justin took down Maleiah's was bittersweet. {We probably will not have anymore of our own babies due to my last stint in the hospital but the desire to have more still lives in me.}
We are going to IKEA today to get bunk beds and moving Caeden and Maleiah into the same room. We decided to convert Maleiah's room into a schoolroom/playroom!

{This is bittersweet as well.}
  • I am bummed to not give her a girly room, but uber excited to create a schoolroom
  • It's temporary until we move from this house, which made it easier to make the decision.
  • The schoolroom will help contain the chaos of homeschool.
  • I hope that sharing a room will help Caeden and Maleiah to have fun together and build a sweet relationship although I know that there will be plenty of screaming and tears.

So as soon as I get some batteries for the camera, I will take pictures! If anyone has any schoolroom/playroom/siblings sharing a room ideas...pass them this way!

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KarenW said...

Ah, those bittersweet moments! I also wanted more children. It just wasn't to be. I know you'll have fun decorating the new schoolroom!