Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beale Air Force Base Air Show

This airplane is UPSIDE you see that?????

What a fun day! I have never been to an air show before (I hate airplanes, well at least being IN one) but the kids loved it and I loved watching the airplanes fly fast, go in circles and nearly hit each other. Just as long as I am not in any of them.

Maleiah loved the airplanes...

"Ah-pane go vvvvvvmmmmmm....pkssshhhhhh" (that's a crashing sound their at the end, but we can't figure out why)

"Lala like ah-pane"

And to Sara her speech therapist, "Ah-pane in sky, go round moon." That was the best...lots of words that tell a story and no crashing. She told it to the right person.

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