Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life Happens

So for my four faithful followers (and various other visitors...LOL) I apologize for not posting. We are now recovering from Maleiah's two and a half week illness which consisted of 7 total days of fever, pink eye in both eyes, cough, runny nose and an ear infection. We had a break in the middle when she swallowed a penny and we dug through diapers for 4 days to find the missing coin and found it on the day that the second set of fevers arrived. De-lightful.

We are also in the midst of Justin's third month of unemployment. We have stepped up the search to "aggressively searching" which means we have started looking all over the state of California (which by the way is one of the top four hardest hit in unemployment rates...yeah) instead of just locally. He is in the construction industry so that makes it even more challenging to find a job. It's been an adventure!

We are about a month away from being done with first grade and (YEAH!) I can hardly wait for summer break. He has assessments coming up for math which I have finally decided that I am not going to freak out about anymore (not going to freak out....not going to freak out....not going to freak out). I am going to just let him do what he is going to do without shoving stuff into his already (boy) overactive brain.

We have read some good books lately. Some. I realized we have done very little fun reading and I have been waiting for him to just pick up a book and start reading it. Not going to happen if it's not fun, MOM! So I looked at the zillions of book lists that I have, okay really only 3 but there ARE zillions of books to read (go ask Heidi if you need more inspiration, here, here and here) and I started reserving them at the library which guarantees I will borrow the maximum number of books and fill my library book bag to overflowing. It's a great feeling. :)

Just a few that recieved smiles and laughter.

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