Sunday, August 2, 2009

Second Grade & Lazy Preschool

I am joining Darcy's Not-Back-to-School-Blog-Hop! This week we are blogging about what we are using for curriculum this year, what we love and such. I had to laugh when she announced it because the said this for week one:
First week in August: It’s a curriculum hop. Share your well-researched plans on your post. Show us what you love. Four math curriculums later… you decided on?? McLinky will go up on Monday 8/3/09!
Isn't that hilarious? We only went through 3 (in one year)... I posted here about what we were planning for the year so this is kind of a repeat but I will tell you what I L.O.V.E. with linkage!

Second Grade

: Horizons Math 1 & 2 We have already been working on this through the's going great. I bought some games this year for math too! Math Wars, Set and a Fraction Game. I found a game at my dad's called Tangoes that I really want to get for this year too!

: Spelling Workout B

: First Language Lessons
Love that it's short, scripted and sweet. Caeden laughs and has fun...enough said.

: Explode the Code, Books 4, 5 and 6
Not so pretty to look at but Caeden whizzes through these and he laughs...see above.

: Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome (following the Veritas Press time line flash cards...these are BEAUTIFUL! Love them!) We are using Story of the World, Classical Kids Activity Book and Usborne Internet Linked Reference Books for Greeks and Romans...very cool! We love everything Usborne! One of the coolest books I found were these comic books from the Stories from History Series. Bible/Character: We are going to be learning the shorter catechism for memory work, using Draw to Learn the Book of Proverbs and A Child's Book of Character Building.

Science: Last minute changes here, like just this weekend we changed it! We are going to do Christian Kid's Explore Biology instead of Earth Science in order to keep up with the History/Science chronology.

: We also just changed our art plans this weekend too! We are going to be using Artistic Pursuits Book 1. I am really excited about this one, it looks really fun!

Music: I am also pretty excited about our Composer studies, listening to great classical music and learning about the lives of these composers (Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Chopin & Mozart)

Lazy Preschool

I spent lots of time going back and forth whether or not to do an actual curriculum for Maleiah. She is 2, turning 3 in October so I could do something structured. I felt that I have 3 years left before she starts kindergarten (theoretically) so why not postpone the BIG stuff another year and just have some fun this year (not that the BIG stuff isn't fun...really, I didn't want to do something very structured.) So we are doing something...

Joyful Heart Learning Curriculum is a resource I love so we are going to use bits and pieces of it, basically we will follow it loosely. I like the themes and book lists as well as some of the activities. I will replace some with other projects and such from my preschool book shelf that I have kept from the years I taught preschool. I think this will give me somewhat of a springboard and the best part is it's FREE! So when I don't do something I don't have the guilt factor. :)

I found these books at Costco!

These books have been wearing a hole in my wish list for a year now...they came in the mail last week!

and of course our never ending list of library books...the hold shelf beckons me, daily.


Tracy said...

We loved ETC!

Jenn said...

We have a couple of things in common for the year!! Sounds like you have a great year ahead of you!

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

We are huge Horizons math fans...well, as much a fan as a person can be of a math curriculum. ;-) We've used it since my oldest was in 3rd grade and have since gone through Horizons for K-6.

We also loved First Language Lessons. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

Chrissie Love said...

Hi Manderly! I had no idea you have a blog. I clicked your link through 3boybarians fantastic curriculum linkage. Like I need to spend my night discovering MORE curriculum choices!! LOL It sounds like you have the year set and ready to go, and C. will have tons of fun :)

~Chrissie Love

Robin E. said...

Oh, I love the looks of those ABCs and 123s and other museum art books! Maybe they'll end up wearing a hold in my wish list :D.

Thank you for sharing. I am really appreciating this Blog Hop.

Darcy @ m3b said...

We used many of those same choices for those grades, too. I'm off to check out those :wish list: books - they look fantastic.

Thanks so much for participating in the NBTS Blog Hop!


Julie said...

i love the books you are using - can i ask what brought you to them?? the museum preschool ones and the stories in history?? do you like them?? the cover sure makes me want to read them!!!!
we will also be using horizons math again this year - we really like it!!

Manderly said...

Julie~The museum preschool books are some of my favorites. I was not an artsy person (I was crafty and a scrapbooker, then I became a homeschooler. :))but a friend of mine showed them to me and I got the ABC one at the library and my daughter liked looking at the pictures and I LOVED having books with ART in them IN the house. So I got them all. The I SPY book is fun just because you have to search for the item which is harder than I thought it would I had to look in the back to figure it out!

The Stories In History I found just searching on Rainbow Resource for items related to Ancient Greece/Rome. Caeden is loving comic books so I thought this would get him excited and he really likes it! I just have to make sure he READS the book not just the bubble quotes. :)

Hope that helps!