Monday, November 2, 2009


and the gifts continue... 

0016. Friends to spend an entire day with, in a car, at the beach.
0017. A hill with apples, friends and lots of rolling down hills.
0018. Maleiah's fashion sense or lack thereof.  It makes me smile.

0019. A school day done by noon.
0020. Rain and wind, leaves twirling off the trees.
0021. Art projects to make with the twirling leaves.

0022. My husband who works hard days to provide for our family, even when he feels sick.
0023. Birthdays to plan for.  :)
0024. Heads to knit hats for.
0025. My dad, and his optimism that carries him through his stroke recovery.
0026. My step-sister who now feels more like what I imagine a sister might feel like.
0027. Bloggers that inspire.
0028. A new day.
0029. Friday Night Movie Night at the movie theater!
0030. Dinner with friends, celebrating another year. 
0031. A brother and a sister

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Heather said...

Rejoicing with you today! And giving thanks for friends!! And apples and time outdoors and fabulous fall weather~

Thank you for sharing... you have a beautiful list!

Jennifer said...

Loving your list.

School completed by noon... now that is truly something to be thankful for. : )