Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday Gifts

0056.  Fellow homeschoolers who struggle and share and succeed and share which makes me a better homeschool mom and fuels the creative juices which then produces a great week of school!
0057.  A fresh cut Christmas tree.
0058.  Our first season of Advent and we are loving it!
0059.  Happy kids despite unesplained fevers.
0060.  A new laminator. :)
0061.  Potty training that was WAY too easy.
0062.  Christmas movies, especially White Christmas.
0063.  A backyard that is full of birds and squirrels
0064.  Craft kits that keep an 8 year old busy.
0065.  The library which fills my endless need for books.
0066.  The cranky librarian that challenges me to be nice anyway.
0067.  New recipes that turn out great.
0068.  Fruit and veggie ONLY snacks.
0069.  A box full of yarn that beckons me to create.
0070.  Pretty princess dress ups that are worn daily.

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